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Become a Pixacrea Battler

This rule page will teach you everything you need to know to become the next great Pixacrea Battler! With 185 Pixacrea to collect and Hundreds of cards to customize your deck you will be able to strategize, mix and match, as well as trade to create the best deck possible, and as such, become the best Pixacrea Battler!

Pixacrea Cards

Pixacrea Cards are the cards needed to battle one another. You start off with 6 Starter Pixacrea, and can have upwards of 12 Pixelations in your Pixelation Deck. Pixelations are used to upgrade your Pixacrea and make them stronger. Once you have 6 Pixacrea KO'ed in your Formation you lose the game. Or, if your opponent has 6 KO'ed Pixacrea you win the game.

Ability Cards

Ability Cards give you a little more control over the course of the battle. These consist of NPC's, Items, Abilities, and more! These allow you to do a wide variety of things from using moves your Pixacrea doesn't know, to healing them, and even equipping items to Pixacrea for bonus stats!

The (S) symbol stands for Starter Pixacrea, and the Green Arrow shows Pixelation Pixacrea. IN the top left corner of your cards you will see both symbols. The Starter Pixacrea are the Pixacrea you start the game out with, the Pixelation Pixacrea are the pixacrea you can Pixelate (Upgrade) during the game.

IDs, PPs, and NPs

At the bottom of each Pixacrea Card you will see ID, PP, and NP. ID is the Pixacreas Identification Number. PP means Previous Pixelation, this is the ID of the card needed in the game to Pixelate the current card. The NP means Next Pixelation, that is the ID of the next upgraded card for it's Pixelation. This example uses Firema, Flamema, and Magma. Firema's ID is 1. It's Previous Pixelation is none. It's Next Pixelation is 2. Flamema's ID is 2, it's Previous Pixelation is 1, and Next Pixelation is 3. Magma's ID is 3, it's Previous Pixelation is 2, and it has no Next Pixelation. This makes it easier to figure out what cards goes with what when it comes to Pixelating your Pixacrea in game.


Gilded Pixacrea are rare alternatives to normal Pixacrea. You have a chance to receive 1 Gilded Pixacrea per Booster Pack you purchase. They have the same stats as their normal Pixacrea, however they have a different color variation, and are significantly more rare!

Check & X

The Check Mark and X Symbol in the top right of the card are to represent if the card can be Pixelated or not. The Check mark indicates that the card is able to become Pixelated. The X on the card indicates that it can NOT be Pixelated.


The HP square shows the Health Points that Pixacrea has max. This is the default Max HP the card Starts with. This can be changed by Pixelating the card, or using Ability cards to increase it's max. The current HP can be indicated on the counter which comes with the Battler's Pack.


The MP square shows the Mana Points that Pixacrea has max. This is the default Max MP the card Starts with. This can be changed by Pixelating the card, or using Ability cards to increase it's max. The current MP can be indicated on the counter which comes with the Battler's Pack.


Elements are displayed in the middle of the card, you will see a Square with an E in it. Followed by one of the following symbols below. This game works in a Triangle element, meaning Fire beats Earth, Earth beats Water, and Finally Water beats Fire. Soul on the other hand has no bonuses, and instead is it's own separate category. Cards that have an element that beats the element of another enemy deals +1 damage PER HIT. An example would be if a Fire Pixacrea uses Double Attack on an Earth Pixacrea. Double Attack states it does 1 Damage Hit twice. Meaning it is two separate hits. So instead of doing 2 damage, it would actually do 4. However, If you attack an element you're weaker than you will lose 1 damage PER HIT. So if you have a Fire Pixacrea attack a Water Pixacrea with Double Attack, it would do 0 damage since it counts as two separate 1 damage attacks.


Fire beats Earth, and is weak to Water. Fire Element Pixacrea tends to be heavier damage while having less Health and more Mana.


Earth beats Water, but is weak against Fire. Earth cards tend to be tankier cards. They have More HP than Mana, they also tehdn to have a buffs, armor, and other tank related abilities for them.


Water beats Fire, but is weak to Earth. Water cards tend to have higher mana, and buff/debuff Pixcacrea. They're a middle ground between Fire and Earth.


Soul Elements have no pluses or minuses to any other element. Soul Pixacrea tend to be support cards, they tend to heal, buff, debuff other Pixacrea and can turn the tide of a game if used correctly.

Pixacrea Attacks

The large box at the bottom of each Pixacrea card is their attacks. Every Pixacrea has 4 attacks they can make. EVERY Pixacrea has Bite, which requires 0 Mana and will always do 1 base damage. After that each Pixacrea may have a different attacks, to include Pixelations. Every Pixelation will change at least 1 attack on the card. Each attack excluding Bite will use mana. You MUST have mana that much mana on the chosen Pixacrea in order to be able to attack using that move. Each Pixacrea on your field can attack once per turn.


In the beginning of any competitive game you MUST add a Stake Card to your field face down, once you and your opponent play a stake card you can flip it up. Rules for Staked cards will be given before tournaments, or decided prior to the match. Basic games do not have to do this if you're playing for fun. Once they're both on the field you can flip it up. The winner gets that card. In the beginning of the game you will have to place 6 Starter Pixacrea face down in your formation. Then, slide three of them over into the Pixacrea 1, 2, 3 sections (Keep them face down) and wait for your opponent to do the same. After that, flip your Pixacrea in the battle areas face up. Next place any Pixelations you may have in the Pixelation section, put your counters underneath each Pixacrea if you have them. Next place your Deck in the Deck area and begin the game!

Drawing & Hands

In the beginning of the game both players draw 7 cards. On each of the start of your turns you draw 1 card. If you make any plays prior to drawing you opt in to skip your drawing phase and you will not be able to draw that turn. You cannot end your turn with more than 10 cards in your hand. If, by the end of your turn you have more than 10 cards in your hand you MUST discard cards until you're left with 10. Discarding cards this way will NOT activate any Exhaust cards. If you have ZERO (No) cards in your hand by the end of your turn you may draw 3 cards at the end of your turn.

Game Phases

You have 5 Phases to the game. The Beginning Phase, the Battle Phase, the Counter Phase, the End Phase, and the Counter Phase 2. The Beginning Phase is when you draw, and start your turn. The Battle Phase is after your Beginning Phase and when you begin to attack with your Pixacrea as well as use any Ability Cards from your hand. Your Counter Phase can be used any time during your turn. If your opponent activates or does anything with a card effect you enter your counter phase and can activate anything in retaliation. Counter Phase 2 can be activated any time during your opponents turn, if you use a card during your opponents turn you use your Counter Phase 2, and it allows them to use their counter phase. This can keep going until 1 person is unable or willing to make a move. Finally you have the End Phase. This is when you end your turn. You're able to draw 3 cards IF you have 0 cards in your hand.


Each turn you can attack once with each Pixacrea in battle. Upon a hit, the enemy must lower the HP of their Pixacrea that was just attacked by the amount of damage you've done after the counter phases has gone through. You must lower the MP of the Pixacrea you attacked with in correspondence with the MP usage for the attack. You're also able to activate as many cards as you wish from your hand during battle.

Win Condition/KO

Whenever a Pixacrea's HP hits 0 they get placed face up in the Formation section. This means they are Knocked Out/KOed and cannot be played again, unless you have an ability to bring them back. The first person with 6 Pixacrea Face Up/KOed in their formation looses the game and must give up their Staked Card, if playing competitively. The game is then over and the other person wins the game!


You will need 6 Starter Pixacrea in your Formation, as well as any Pixelations you have in the Pixelation deck. You will also need 30-60 cards in your deck to begin the game.


This game was made entirely through Xyphien LLC. Put together, designed, and story by Xyphien/Chaun Farmer.

Graphic design
Chaun Farmer
LimeZu, Beowulf, Chaun Farmer
Chaun Farmer, Moghunter, Mr. Trivel, SumRndmDde, Yanfly, Galv, Takeya Kimura
Florian Stracker, Snow Music, xDeviruchi

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