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Battlers Backpack

Get the Starter Deck, Playing Mat, 3 Dials to keep track of each Pixacrea, D4 Die, Rules, and more for just $44.99

Starter Deck

Get 6 Starter Pixacrea, and 30 Ability Cards for just $14.99

Booster Pack

Buy out 18 card booster pack to get 13 common cards, 2 Pixacrea, 2 Pixelation Pixacrea, and 1 Legendary Card for only $9.99


Buy 3 Counters so you and your opponent can easily keep track of your Pixacrea currently in battle! For just $11.99 you can start to play easier and quicker as you will be able to simply have the counters under your Pixacrea at all time!

How To Play

Learn how to play Pixacrea TCG below with this easy to understand picture!


This game was made entirely through Xyphien LLC. Put together, designed, and story by Xyphien/Chaun Farmer.

Graphic design
Chaun Farmer
LimeZu, Beowulf, Chaun Farmer
Chaun Farmer, Moghunter, Mr. Trivel, SumRndmDde, Yanfly, Galv, Takeya Kimura
Florian Stracker, Snow Music, xDeviruchi

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